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Integrated Strategic Business Planning Process (ISBPP)

A business planning process is, in most companies, a requirement. In some companies the process never ends yet the process does not ensure consistency plan to plan. As soon as one plan is completed and approved, the process starts all over again but the new plan may have little relationship to the prior plan. In other companies, it is a task that needs to be completed and put on a shelf. Sometimes, in smaller companies the idea of developing a business plan is delayed until it can no longer be avoided. Often the business plan is a compilation of individual functional plans that may or may not be complimentary.

At AAP, we strongly believe that the Business Plan needs to be integrated and balanced across all of the company's' functions. The business plan needs to be the driver of enterprise wide resource allocation.

AAP has developed the Integrated Strategic Business Planning Process (U.S.Patent Application: No. 60/617,495 filed November 10, 2005). The process starts with a well developed “free flow marketing plan” developed to meet the clear and quantifiable objectives of the business. From there AAP guides and assists the entire organization in the development and integration of a common plan. The plan is flexible to change to meet the dynamic state of all businesses yet is a continuum of the existing plan. The business plan is no longer an annual event. The process minimizes functional divergence.

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