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Sales and Customer Relationship Management Training

The roles of the Sales Professional and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have taken many twists and turns in the last twenty years. As the customers have increased demands on their internal personnel, many of these demands have been transferred to the suppliers. Customers have much less time available for their suppliers. The days of suppliers being able to rely on personal relationships carrying them through are gone. It has become increasingly more difficult to get the time and attention of the customer. Customers have introduced on-line auctions and hotel auctions.Customers have spent time and money training their people how to deal with the suppliers’ representatives. Customers have sent their purchasing personnel to Sales Training. Internally at the suppliers, demands on Sales people have also increased. Today more than ever, Sales professionals are needed. Communications internally and with the customer are critical. Many companies have spent large sums of money implementing sales processes that take large amounts of time of the Sales person and thus reduced effectiveness in the field.

At AAP, we have been there – recently. We understand the demands on sales personnel. We also have first hand understanding of internal management demands. And, most importantly, we understand what the customers are looking for.

We can help our clients Sales organization (and engineering) sharpen their skills. We can train the new people moving into Sales for the first time. AAP develops a tailored training program to meet the needs and capabilities of our client. Specific areas that typically need attention are:
  • Obtaining an introductory meeting at a new client.
  • Establishing yourself (and company) with the new buyer or engineer.
  • Obtaining your unfair share of your customers’ time and efforts.
  • Extracting additional information and competitive intelligence from the customer.
  • Planning for customer meetings.
  • Managing the negotiation.
  • Engaging the internal organization in the selling process.
  • Communicating effectively internally.
  • Making the internal customer team valuable.
  • Measuring success of the selling process.
  • Preparing for and managing on-line auctions.
  • Preparing for and managing "Hotel Negotiations".

AAP can help you achieve an unfair advantage with your customer.


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