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Supply Chain Management

AAP regards “Supply Chain Management” as substantially more than requesting a bid from a current or prospective supplier. As a company’s’ success has become increasingly dependant upon suppliers for product expertise, quality, and delivery, more attention to a suppliers capability and health have are required. Purchasing professionals are now required to be capable of evaluating a broad spectrum of the supplier base strengths and weaknesses. This is especially impacted by the rapid involvement of suppliers from greater distances and different cultures. This has also introduced new logistics challenges. A company cannot afford late delivery or substandard product delivered to the dock. Purchasing has become “Supply Chain Management”.

AAP professionals can help your company and your supply chain organization by:

  • Conducting an independent current state analysis that begins with an Executive discussion to obtain an understanding of your objectives and strategies. This is followed by:
    • conducting interviews with your purchasing staff;
    • reviewing your supplier selection evaluation process and criteria
    • evaluating staffing and training
    • evaluating metrics used for tracking suppliers performance
    • terms and conditions used
    • Receiving methods
    • Storage methods
    • Change control
  • With our advisors first hand experience AAP can either:
    Assist in development of a low cost sourcing strategy
    Take full responsibility for supplier selection, contract negotiation, ongoing supplier management, and logistics
    • We are currently responsible for over 15,000 parts that are in production and are currently demonstrating a quality level below 25 PPM.
    • Have a data base on over 100 suppliers in China alone
    • Are managing between 80 and 100 sea containers per month
  • Training your personnel to improve supplier selection.
  • Conduct an evaluation of your logistics process and recommend ways to improve and lower costs.
  • Conduct a “Price Point Analysis” and help your organization find ways to lower costs and improve your competitive position.

We can help your “Supply Chain Management” organization become a competitive advantage


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